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303 Squadron Paper Craft Model

A little while ago we created Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron for Channel 4. The game told the story of a group of 34 Polish pilots who fought for Britain in the Second World War in a high quality and action packed web game. As well as several nominations, 303 Squadron went on to win the award for Interactive Entertainment Website, Game or Campaign at the 2011 DADI Awards, which we were very pleased about. To celebrate, and help promote the game to the media, we took one of the 3D models from our game and created a paper craft model kit.

303 Squadron In Game Shot

We’d like to share it with you. All you need is a printer, some paper, a pair of scissors, sticky tape and a little time on your hands. And a little tip – firmer, glossier paper tends to fold better and looks prettier.

You can download the paper craft model here: Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron Paper Craft Hurricane

If you’d like to know where the inspiration for the model kit came from, you can play our original game here: Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron