What is Community Management?

There’s been lots of debate and a little mysticism about what an online community manager does. Googling the term will give several different ‘definitions’ of the role and, naturally, with uncertainty, you find assumptions. Another issue that clouds the water is that people find it tricky to define and recognise communities. Any brand with a [...]

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Quality Assurance? Who needs it?

It’s quite rare to find a creative digital agency that has a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) department. Many organisations feel that the return on investment is not significant enough to warrant the time and effort involved in building a dedicated QA team. Here at fish in a bottle we believe differently. We feel that the [...]

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What’s Driving The Business of Game?

The business behind games development and publishing is evolving at break neck speed. The boundaries of social, casual and core games are blurred and our delivery platforms and players are more accessible and eager to consume than ever. So why is the formula for success still so elusive? I recently attended the Game Horizon Conference. [...]

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